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Don’t let your arrest record haunt you forever!

Seal and Expunge not only helps you clear your criminal record through sealing or expunging, but also assists you all the way in preventing the expunged record from appearing in your background check report for good.

Record Sealing and Expungement- A Brief Overview

These days background checks are standard when applying for a job, housing or school. All job-seekers or apartment-hunters know that criminal background checks are common and easy to do.

Once you are arrested, the police and court record becomes a public record. While performing a background check, anyone can see this record online or go to the courthouse if they want specific information regarding the arrest record. Even if your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty, this record still exists.

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You might think that these arrest records are automatically sealed or expunged after some time. However, this is not true, and the arrest record remains publically available permanently unless that arrest record is ordered sealed or expunged by a judge.

However, if you are eligible, clearing a criminal record with an expungement is the best option to avoid difficulties with employers or housing providers. Through criminal record sealing or criminal record expungement, you may prevent your expunged case from appearing in background checks. You don't have to worry about that case following you around forever, once the court grants your criminal record sealing or criminal record expungement.

How to prevent expunged charges from showing up on your background report

Received an expungement but the charges are still showing up in your background reports? Even after an expungement, the chances are that your criminal record might still be visible on your background check report. Read on to find out what you can do about it.

Sometimes, the data purchased by the criminal record company may not include the most up to date information, as the company may not receive a notice about your expungement.

Reporting violations to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is another step you can take towards resolving this issue.

Contacting your local attorney to find out what options are available to you can also prove useful as there are federal laws that might protect you.

Being proactive is your best option for making sure expunged charges don’t show up unexpectedly down the road.

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